Ep 418: Allyson Marino | Lipstick & Vinyl


With a career marked by a record of smashed sales expectations for some of the most successful podcast networks in the industry, Allyson brings a rare combination of deep industry experience and expertise along with vast monetization success to Lipstick & Vinyl.

Allyson has helped pioneer the Podcast industry

Well before juggernauts like “Serial” introduced the medium to broader audiences, she and her colleagues had it figured out. While at Midroll, Allyson was instrumental in breaking new ground to define what have now become the industry standards for podcast advertising and monetization.

Allyson has generated over $90 million in radio and podcast advertising revenue over the course of her career.

Lipstick and Vinyl believes that content and sales teams must collaborate- working in formation to provide additive monetization solutions that benefit creators, listeners and brands.

Lipstick and Vinyl is devoted to respecting the intimate relationship between listener and podcaster. Podcast advertising transcends traditional media placements and invasive commercials in favor of authentic endorsements indistinguishable and inseparable from core content.

As an advocate for underrepresented voices, Allyson crafts successful partnerships between brands and creators that are both authentic and performant advertising solutions.

Allyson and the team at Lipstick and Vinyl will walk through fire to ensure every show on their network has the monetary and creative resources to connect with listeners.

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