Ep 405: Alex Doman | Advanced Brain Technologies


Alex Doman is an author, entrepreneur, and product creator, who was recently named one of the top fifty human behavior experts to watch. He has 25 years of experience in leadership in the brain health, neurotechnology and therapeutic music markets.

The third generation in a family of pioneers dedicated to improving brain performance for over seventy-five years, Alex is founder & CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, founder & Chief Product Officer of Vital Neuro, founder and Chief Scientist of Sleep Genius, and bestselling co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound.

His production credits are extensive, leading the research, creative and innovation teams who’ve created cutting-edge solutions which have helped millions of people worldwide; most notable, The Listening Program music listening therapy method, and #1 global NASA research-based Health & Fitness app, Sleep Genius. Alex and his team are currently developing an advanced neuroscience solution using music and biorhythms to manage stress.